Acoustic Energy's WiFi internet radio

Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi radio

It's not by any means the first WiFi-enabled internet radio, but Acoustic Energy claims that the big deal with their new model can access over 99% of all the different internet radio stations that are out there. The key seems to be integration with Reciva's internet radio Gateway, which automatically uploads new directory listings to your WiFi radio so you can keep up to date with the latest stations (it's not clear whether you can manually add a station or not, but it definitely looks like it'd be a pain in the ass to try and enter a URL with that rotary knob). Anyway, the Linux-powered AE Wi-Fi radio also doubles as an alarm clock and has built-in 802.11b and support for Real Audio, WMA, and MP3 audio streams (oh, and if you tire of listening to internet radio you can stream audio content stored on your home network). Should be in stores by November and retail for about £199.

[Thanks, icebin]